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A multivocal literature review on serious games for software process standards education (RELEVANTE YA PUBLICADO)


AUTHORSAlejandro Calderón, Mercedes Ruiz & Rory V. O’ConnorJOURNALComputer Standards & Interfaces (vol. 57, pp. 36-48, 2018). IF: 1.633 (2017), Q2 (47/104) in “Computer Science, Software Engineering” category.DOI The interest in the use of serious games as learning resources for software process standards education and training has increased significantly in recent years. Objective: The main purpose of this work is to record, analyze and characterize the state of the art related to serious games for software process standards education with the goal of identifying the current serious games in terms of the scope, their main features and the perceived benefits of integrating them in software process education, as well as, identifying new research opportunities. Method: The study was conducted as a multivocal literature review that follows a predefined procedure in which studies from the scientific and grey literature are analyzed. Results: A new selection process within the search strategy was defined to conduct this review. 190 papers were retrieved from the literature and 7 papers were selected as primary studies. Our multivocal literature review identified six different serious games for software process education, at the same time analyzed the main methods used to assess them as well as their main outcomes as learning resources. Conclusion: The results of this review reveal that serious games have potential as supporting tools for software process standards education, but that more research and experimental outcomes are needed in order to observe the full potential of serious games as learning resources.

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Education - Multivocal literature review - Serious games - Software process standard - Systematic literature review





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