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A proposal on service execution measures for the improvement of business processes realized by services


The realization of business processes (BPs) by means of services provides the basis for separating their definition from the technologies that implement them. Services can implement an activity, a sub-process or a complete BP, and can be integrated easily into the BP execution without the interoperability problems that had to be solved formerly for systems to achieve integration. A key aspect for the improvement of BPs is to measure their real execution to assess whether they are performing as expected, including the services realizing them. We have defined a BP Execution Measurement Model (BPEMM) in the context of MINERVA framework for the continuous improvement of BPs, which provides execution measures for BPs implemented by services. In this paper we present our vision for the measurement of services execution -for internal and external services- invoked from BPs.

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business process/services improvement - execution measurement





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