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Agile and Software Project Management Antipatterns: Clarifying the Partnership

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The Agile methods have been recognized as providing tangible benefits, some of them direc-tly related to software project management (SPM). In this paper we address in detail the rela-tionship between Agile and SPM, discussing the extent to which the use of agile practices helps to reduce or avoid the occurrence of different SPM antipatterns. We concluded that several agile practices can effectively help to prevent the effects of specific SPM antipatterns. Other agile practices, even if they cannot help to prevent the consequences of the antipattern, can help the project manager to identify a misleading situation so he/she can take the corres-ponding corrective action. Unexpectedly, we found a few exceptions where a particular agile practice contributed to the negative effects of certain antipatterns. Our results may be particu-larly useful to organizations in the daunting journey of becoming agile.

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Antipatrones - Gestión de Proyectos Software - Métodos ágiles





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