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An Optimizing Protocol Transformation for Constructor Finite Variant Theories in Maude-NPA

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Maude-NPA is an analysis tool for cryptographic security protocols that takes into account the algebraic properties of the cryptosystem. Maude-NPA can reason about a wide range of cryptographic properties. However, some alge- braic properties, and protocols using them, have been beyond Maude-NPA capabilities, either because the cryptographic properties cannot be expressed using its equational unification features or because the state space is unman- ageable. In [1], we provide a protocol transformation that can safely get rid of cryptographic properties under some conditions. We also provide, for the first time, an encoding of the theory of bilinear pairing into Maude-NPA that goes beyond the encoding of bilinear pairing available in the Tamarin tool.

Palabras Clave:

Bilinear pairing - Crypto protocol analysis - Diffie-Hellman Exponentiation - Protocol transformation





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