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Automated Analysis of Diverse Variability Models with Tool Support


Over the past twenty years, there have been many contributions in the area of feature model automated analysis of variability models. We propose that the knowledge obtained during recent years to automatically analyse diverse variability models. In this paper we present FaMa OVM and FaMa DEB, which are prototypical implementations for the automated analysis of two distinct variability models, namely Orthogonal Variability Models and Debian Variablity Models, respectively. In order to minimise efforts and benefit from the feature model know­ how, we use FaMa Framework which allows the development of analysis tools for diverse variability modelling languages. This framework provides a well tested system that guides the tool development. Due to the structure provided by the framework, FaMa OVM and FaMa DEB tools are easy to extend and integrate with other tools. We report on the main points of both tools, such as the analysis operations provided and the logical solvers used for the analysis.

Palabras Clave:

Automated analysis - Intensive variability systems - Variability models





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