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Being Digital: The Power of the Bits. Science, University and Industry Perspective


This book, made of «unwieldy atoms», will probably be replaced by a digital copy by the time anyone reads it, stated Nicholas Negroponte when presented «Being Digital» in 1995. Nevertheless, the process of digitization during the last two decades has probably moved far beyond what he could have imagined at that time.
Currently, there is a wide consensus on the fact that we are living a major transition, and that information technology (IT) powered services will have a relevant impact in terms of employment, business and economy. Computing, data analytics and, more in general, IT powered services will play an everyday more active role in our lives. The current speed of the technology is leading to foresee that business in the future will be carried out differently than today.
However, the potential of IT technology is still far from being efficiently applied addressing key social challenges such as sustainability, education, health and many others currently challenging future generations. Existing barriers among science, university and industry innovation approaches, combined with the current speed of the technologies in the field, are limiting the development of efficient innovation ecosystems.
The speech, jointly prepared by representatives from science, university and industry, will analyse the current digitalisation process in these sectors, current challenges in science-university-industry innovation cycle and collaborative efforts trying to address the existing gaps. It also considers a slot for discussions/debate within software and services research community.

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