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Building Scalable Graphical Modelling Environments with EMFSplitter (tool demo)


In Model-Driven Engineering the creation of Domain-Specific Modelling Languages (DSMLs) is a recurrent demanding task. Usually DSMLs are built in an ad-hoc manner and the generated environments do not scale well to face scenarios with complex systems. To improve this situation, we propose an approach to facilitate the engineering of DSMLs through a catalogue of patterns and a set of wizards to reduce the implementation time of such environments. Our approach is supported by a tool called EMFSplitter, which proposes a Modularity pattern to fragment the models and a Graphical Representation pattern, for the definition of graphical and tabular syntax.

Palabras Clave:

Domain-Specific Modelling Languages - Graphical Modelling Environments - Meta-modelling - Modularity - Scalable Modelling





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