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Finding Correlations of Features Affecting Energy Consumption and Performance of Web Servers Using the HADAS Eco-Assistant


The impact of energy consumption on the environment andthe economy is raising awareness of «green»software engineering. HADASis an eco-assistant that makes developers aware of the influence oftheir designs and implementations on the energy consumption and performanceof the final product. In this paper, we extend HADAS to bettersupport the requirements of users: researchers, automatically dumpingthe energy-consumption of different software solutions; and developers,who want to perform a sustainability analysis of different software solutions.This analysis has been extended by adding Pearson’s chi-squareddifferentials and Bootstrapping statistics, to automatically check the significanceof correlations of the energy consumption, or the execution time,with any other variable (e.g., the number of users) that can influencethe selection of a particular eco-efficient configuration. We have evaluatedour approach by performing a sustainability analysis of the mostcommon web servers (i.e. PHP servers) using the time and energy datameasured with the Watts Up? Pro tool previously dumped in HADAS.We show how HADAS helps web server providers to make a trade-offbetween energy consumption and execution time, allowing them to selldifferent server configurations with different costs without modifying thehardware.

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Energy Efficiency - Linux - Performance - Web Servers





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