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Formally Modeling, Executing, and Testing Service-Oriented Systems with UML and OCL (YA PUBLICADO)


One of the issues that developers of service-oriented systems currently discuss is the lack of practical, but formal modeling notations and tools that can address the many different, important aspects. This paper presents an approach to model structural and behavioral properties of service-oriented systems with UML and OCL models. Essential service-oriented concepts as service request, service provision or orchestration are formally represented by UML concepts. The models can be executed, tested and analyzed. Feedback is given to the developer in terms of the UML and OCL model.Our approach supports the automatic generation of test scenarios in which, for example, the availability of services can be checked. Furthermore, the consistency of the service model can be proved by constructing test scenarios.

Palabras Clave:

Formal modeling - Service-oriented systems - UML/OCL





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