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Introducing Fuzzy Quantifiers in FSA-SPARQL


Fuzzy quantification makes it possible to model quantifiers from the natural language (most of, at least half, few, around a dozen, etc). Absolute quantifiers refer to a number while relative ones refer to a proportion. In this paper we introduce fuzzy quantifiers in FSA-SPARQL, a fuzzy extension of the SPARQL query language developed by our group.We focus on relative quantifiers (most of, at least half, few etc) and propose a fuzzy operator called QUANT to model relative fuzzy quantifiers in FSA-SPARQL. As in previous works about FSA-SPARQL, we study a translation of FSA-SPARQL queries involving fuzzy quantifiers to crisp SPARQL. The proposed extension has been implemented and it can be tested from the FSA-SPARQL Web site.

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Database Query Languages - Fuzzy Logic - Semantic Web - SPARQL





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