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Modular DSLs for flexible analysis: An e-Motions reimplementation of Palladio (High-level Work)


We summarize the main contributions of the work [11] presented in the Modelling Foundations and Applications – 10th European Conference, ECMFA 2014. In [11], we addressed some of the limitations for extending and validating implementations of Non Functional Properties (NFP) analysis tools by presenting a modular, model-based partial reimplementation of one well-known analysis framework, namely the Palladio Architecture Simulator. We specified the key DSLs from Palladio in the e-Motions system, describing the basic simulation semantics as a set of graph transformation rules. Different properties to be analyzed are then encoded as separate, parameterized DSLs, independent of the definition of Palladio. These can then be composed with the base Palladio DSL to generate specific simulation environments. Models created in the Palladio IDE can be fed directly into this simulation environment for analysis. We demonstrate two main benefits of our approach: 1) The semantics of the simulation and the non-functional properties to be analysed are made explicit in the respective DSL specifications, and 2) because of the compositional definition, we can add definitions of new non-functional properties and their analyses.

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