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Property based Testing of XQuery Programs


In this paper we present the elements of an XQuery testing tool which makes possible to automatically test XQuery programs. The tool is able to systematically generate XML instances (i.e., test cases) from a given XML schema. The number and type of instances is defined by the human tester. These instances are used to execute the given XQuery program. In addition, the tool makes possible to provide an user defined property to be tested against the output of the XQuery program. The property can be specified with a Boolean XQuery function. The tool is implemented as an oracle able to report whether the XQuery program passes the test, that is, all the test cases satisfy the property, as well as the number of test cases used for testing. In the case when the XQuery program fails the testing, the tool shows counterexamples found in the test cases. The tool has been implemented as an XQuery library which makes possible to be used from any XQuery interpreter.

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