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Quantum Software as a Service Through a Quantum API Gateway (Summary)

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As quantum computers mature, the complexity of quantum software increases. As we move from the initial standalone quantum algorithms toward complex solutions combining quantum algorithms with traditional software, new software engineering methods and abstractions are needed. Nowadays, quantum computers are usually offered in the cloud, under a pay-per-use model, leading to the adoption of the service-oriented good practices that dominate the cloud today. However, specific adaptations are needed to reap the benefits of service-oriented computing while dealing with quantum hardware limitations. In this paper, we propose the Quantum API Gateway---an adaptation of the API Gateway pattern that takes into account the fact that quantum services cannot be deployed as traditional services. Instead, the Quantum API Gateway recommends the best quantum computer to run a specific quantum service at run-time. As proof of concept, we provide an implementation of the Quantum API Gateway for the Amazon Braket platform.

Palabras Clave:

API Gateway - AWS - Quantum Computing - Quantum Services - Service Computing





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