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Reconfiguration of Service Failures in DAMASCo using Dynamic Software Product Lines (summary)


Building service-based applications requires providing the ability to handle, maintain or upgrade the services that compose these applications. As same services may be used by a wide variability of applications, the management of the heterogeneity at runtime is required. This is crucial to reconfigure applications in case of service failures. The DAMASCo framework reduces the complexity of modeling services focusing on the discovery, composition and adaptation of context-aware services. But currently, it does not support the dynamic reconfiguration of service-based applications. In this work, we follow a Dynamic Software Product Line approach to extend DAMASCo for providing reconfiguration to support specific situations of fails at runtime. We propose a novel approach of grouping services in families facilitating the selection and usage of similar services in case of fails. We apply our approach to an intelligent transportation system case study where DAMASCo composes and reconfigure the necessary services to provide a dynamic route for a driver’srequest.


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12th IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC 2015).

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DSP - Heterogeneity - Service Reconfiguration





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