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Summary of «Defining and Analysing Resource Assignments in Business Processes with RAL»


Business processes (BPs) are often analysed in terms of control flow, temporal constraints, data and resources. From all of these aspects, resources have received much less attention than other aspects, specially control flow. Even the standard BP modelling notation (BPMN) does not provide concrete definitions for the resource-related concepts [2]. However, the participation of people in BPs is of utmost importance, both to supervise the execution of automatic activities and to carry out software-aided and/or manual tasks. Therefore, they should be considered when designing and modelling the BPs used in an organization.
In this paper we face human-resource management (resource management for short) in BP models. Firstly, we deal with the assignment of resources to the activities of a BP model, aiming at easing and improving the way resources can be associated with BP activities. Some approaches addressing a similar purpose have been introduced in the last years [3­5], but they are in general either too complex to be used by technically unskilled people, or not expressive enough to provide powerful resource management in workflows (WFs) and BPs.

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