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The MegaM@Rt2 ECSEL Project: MegaModelling at Runtime — Scalable Model-based Framework for Continuous Development and Runtime Validation of Complex Systems


A major challenge for the European electronic components and systems (ECS) industry is to increase productivity and reduce costs while ensuring safety and quality. Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) principles have already shown valuable capabilities for the development of ECSs but still need to scale to support real-world scenarios implied by the full deployment and use of complex electronic systems, such as Cyber-Physical Systems, and real-time systems. Moreover, maintaining efficient traceability, integration and communication between fundamental stages of the development lifecycle (i.e., design time and runtime) is another challenge to the scalability of MDE tools and techniques. This paper presents «MegaModelling at runtime — Scalable model-based framework for continuous development and runtime validation of complex systems» (MegaM@Rt2), an ECSEL–JU project whose main goal is to address the above mentioned challenges. Driven by both large and small industrial enterprises, with the support of research partners and technology providers, MegaM@Rt2 aims to deliver a framework of tools and methods for: (i) system engineering/design and continuous development,(ii) related runtime analysis, and (iii) global model and traceability management.

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megamodelling - Model-Driven Engineering - Runtime - system design





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