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Towards a Maude-based implementation of MultEcore multilevel modelling languages


MultEcore is a language and tool for the definition of domain-specific modelling languages following the multilevel modelling approach. This work presents some challenges towards the rewriting logic semantics of multilevel model hierarchies and multilevel coupled model transformations used to specify such languages. Although we briefly describe the specification of hierarchies and transformations, we will focus on the latest additions to the language, which allow the instantiation of the multilevel models with a language of choice, e.g., OCL or SML, for the specification and manipulation of values of objects’ attributes, and the use of nested and cross-level boxes for the specification of patterns in the rules. The executable specification can then be used for the simulation/execution of MultEcore models and their analysis using Maude formal tools.

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Maude - MultEcore - multilevel modeling - Rewriting Logic





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