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Variant-based Equational Unification under Constructor Symbols

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Equational unification of two terms consists of finding a substitution that, when applied to both terms, makes them equal modulo some equational properties. A narrowing-based equational unification algorithm relying on the concept of the variants of a term is available in the most recent version of Maude, version 3.0, which provides quite sophisticated unification features. A variant of a term t is a pair consisting of a substitution σ and the canonical form of tσ. Variant-based unification is decidable when the equational theory satisfies the finite variant property. However, this unification procedure does not take into account constructor symbols and, thus, may compute many more unifiers than the necessary or may not be able to stop immediately. In [1], we integrate the notion of constructor symbol into the variant-based unification algorithm. Our experiments on positive and negative unification problems show an impressive speedup.

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equational unification - Maude - Variants





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