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WebMakeup: An End-user Tool for Web Page Customization


The Personal Web refers to a collection of technologies that confer the ability to reorganize, configure and manage online content rather than just viewing it. The main forms of Web content are HTML pages. HTML pages are represented as DOM trees, hence the Web is conceived as a «forest of DOM trees». The vision is for users to «prune» (removing nodes) or «graft» (adding nodes) existing DOM trees to improve their Web experience. Hence, Web content is no longer consumed as canned by Web masters. Rather, users can remove content of no interest to them, or placing new content from somewhere else. This vision accounts for a post-production user-driven Web customization. Being user driven, appropriate abstractions and tools are needed. The paper introduces an IDE (realized as a plugin from Chrome) to empower nonprogrammers to achieve HTML rearrangement.

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Domain Specific Languages - End User Programming - Visual Programming - Web Modding - Web Widget - WebMakeUp





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