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WikInfoboxer: A Tool to Create Wikipedia Infoboxes Using DBpedia


Wikipedia infoboxes present a summary, in a semistructured format, of the articles they are associated to. Therefore, they have become the main information source used by projects to leverage the knowledge in Wikipedia, such as DBpedia. However, creating quality infoboxes is complicated as current mechanisms are based on simple templates which, for example, do not check whether the information provided is semantically correct. In this paper, we present WikInfoboxer, a tool to help Wikipedia editors to create rich and accurate infoboxes. WikInfoboxer computes attributes that might be interesting for an article and suggests possible values for them after analyzing similar articles from DBpedia. To make the process easier for editors, WikInfoboxer presents this information in a friendly user interface.

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Infobox, Wikipedia, DBpedia, Semantic Web





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