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1 - Learning a Subclass of Multivalued Dependencies Formulas from Entailments

Functional and multivalued dependencies play an important role in the design of relational databases. There is a strong connection between data dependencies and some fragments of the propositional logic. In particular, functional dependencies are closely related to Horn formulas. Also, multivalued dependencies are characterized in terms of multivalued formulas. It is known that both Horn formulas and sets of functional dependencies are efficiently learnable in the exact model of learning with queries. In this work, we study the learnability of a non-trivial subclass of multivalued formulas called CRMVDF. We use Angluin’s exact learning model with membership and equivalence queries and present a polynomial time algorithm which exactly learns CRMVDF from entailments.

Autores: Montserrat Hermo / Ana Ozaki / 
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