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1 - CloudWave: Agile Service Engineering for the Future Internet

After achieving initial market penetration, Cloud Computing stakeholders now call for a next generation of Infrastructure and Software as a Service offering (IaaS and SaaS). CloudWave, an EU-funded FP7 research project, looks to dynamically adapt cloud services to their environment, resulting in improved service quality and optimized resource use. This is supported with an enhanced cloud monitoring that provides holistic analytics of IaaS and SaaS layer services running on the cloud, leading to CloudWave’s innovative, automated adaptation of the infrastructure and application, as well as enabling DevOps-like data and interfaces for the developer. DevOps-like data and interfaces for the developer.

Autores: Francisco Javier Nieto / James Ahtes / 
Palabras Clave: Cloud Computing - DevOps - IaaS - Monitoring - Optimization - QoS