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1 - Framework for modelling and implementing secure NoSQL document databases

The great amount of data managed by Big Data technologies have to be correctly assured in order to protect critical enterprise and personal information. Nevertheless, current security solutions for Big Data technologies such as NoSQL databases do not take into account the special characteristics of these technologies. In this paper, we focus on assuring NoSQL document databases proposing a framework composed of three stages: (1) the source data set is analysed by using Natural Language Processing techniques and ontological resources in order to detect sensitive data. (2) we define a metamodel for document NoSQL databases that allows designer to specify both structural and security aspects. (3) this model is implemented into a specific document database tool, MongoDB. Finally, we apply the framework proposed to a case study with a dataset of medical domain.

Autores: Carlos Blanco Bueno / Jesus Peral / Juan Trujillo / Eduardo Fernandez-Medina / 
Palabras Clave: big data - model - Natural Language Processing - No SQL - security

2 - Application of Data Mining techniques to identify relevant Key Performance Indicators

Datos:Revista: Computer Standards & Interfaces (CSI)Volumen, páginas y fecha: Vol. 54(2), pp 76-85, Noviembre de 2017DOI: de calidad:- Revista en Ranking: Q2, 40/106 COMPUTER SCIENCE, SOFTWARE ENGINEERING- Factor de Impacto: 1.633- Citas: 2 (Scopus)

Autores: Jesus Peral / Alejandro Maté / Manolo Marco / 
Palabras Clave: big data - Data Mining - KPIs - Open Data