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1 - Automated Metamorphic Testing on the Analysis of Feature Models

Software Product Line (SPL) engineering is a reuse strategy to develop families of related systems. From common assets, different software products are assembled reducing production costs and time­to­market. Products in SPLs are defined in terms of features. A feature is an increment in product functionality. Feature models are widely used to represent all the valid combinations of features (i.e. products) of an SPL in a single model in terms of features and relations among them. The automated analysis of feature models deals with the computer­aided extraction of information from feature models. Typical operations of analysis allow determining whether a feature model is void (i.e. it represents no products), whether it contains errors (e.g. features that cannot be part of any product) or what is the number of products of the SPL represented by the model. Catalogues with up to 30 analysis operations on feature models and multiple analysis solutions have been reported.

Autores: Sergio Segura / Robert M. Hierons / David Benavides / Antonio Ruiz-Cortés / 
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