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1 - A Systematic Review of Quality Attributes and Measures for Software Product Lines

While quality is an important factor in the construction of single software products, it becomes crucial in Software Product Lines (SPL) since the quality of all products that can be derived from the product line must be ensured. Software measures provide an appropriate mechanism for understanding, controlling, and predicting the quality of software development projects.
A great number of software measures for assessing the quality of Software Product Lines (SPL) have been proposed over the last few years. However, no studies summarizing the current knowledge about them exist. This paper presents a systematic literature review with the aim of identifying and analyzing the existing quality attributes and measures proposed by researchers from 1996 to 2010 to evaluate the quality of software product lines.

Autores: Silvia Abrahão / Sonia Montagud / Emilio Insfran / 
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