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El autor Tanja Vos ha publicado 3 artículo(s):

1 - Applying Scriptless Test Automation on Web Applications from the Financial Sector

This industry showcase presents experiences on application of TESTAR, an open source tool for scriptless testing through graphical user interface (GUI), to the web applications of Kuveyt T+APw-rk Participation Bank in Turkey. Kuveyt T+APw-rk Bank uses Selenium and Appium for regression testing of mobile and internet banking, but the maintenance cost of the test scripts is increasing day by day. Therefore, scriptless GUI testing with TESTAR was evaluated. To provide better support for testing web-based applications, TESTAR was extended with Selenium WebDriver integration, JavaScript support, and other new features. Results show that TESTAR is detected GUI elements much better after the improvements, and it was able to find 2 relevant errors that were not identified by existing scripted test cases.

Autores: Pekka Aho / Govert Buijs / Abdurrahman Akin / Serafettin Senturk / Fernando Pastor Ricos / Stijn de Gouw / Tanja Vos / 
Palabras Clave: Automated GUI testing - Industrial case study - Web applications

2 - Continuous Piloting of an Open Source Test Automation Tool in an Industrial Environment

Piloting an academic test automation tool in an industrial environment provides valuable feedback on practical applicability of the tool, but often requires a significant collaboration effort and an iterative process of feedback, development, and evaluation. In this paper, we propose an approach for continuous delivery of TESTAR open source test automation tool into an industrial continuous integration (CI) environment for piloting and evaluation.

Autores: Pekka Aho / Tanja Vos / Sami Ahonen / Tomi Piirainen / Perttu Moilanen / Fernando Pastor Ricos / 
Palabras Clave: continuous delivery - continuous integration - GUI testing