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Conferencia invitada: Prof. Dr. Uwe Zdun


Prof. Dr. Uwe Zdun. University of Vienna, Austria.


Conformance Assessment in Continuously Delivered Microservice Architectures


Microservice-based architectures are increasingly being used to develop application systems. Despite many guidelines and best practices being published, architecting microservice systems is challenging. Reasons are the size and complexity of microservice systems, their polyglot nature, and the demand for the continuous evolution of these systems. In this context, manually validating whether specific architecture guidelines and best practices are employed as intended throughout the system is a time-consuming and error-prone task. In this talk, we present an approach to avoid such manual validation before each continuous evolution step in a microservice system. We discuss this approach for different views of the microservice architecture, including architecture views on component decomposition, continuous delivery, deployment, microservice APIs, and security. Our approach is based on a review of existing industry guidelines, the gray literature, and the scientific literature, from which we derived Architectural Design Decisions (ADDs) with architecture patterns and best practices as decision options. In our approach, we propose novel detectors to detect these decision options automatically. We formally define metrics to measure the conformance of a system to the different options of the ADDs.

Acerca del conferenciante:

Prof. Dr. Uwe Zdun is a full professor of software architecture at the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Vienna. Before that, he worked as an assistant professor at the Vienna University of Technology and the Vienna University of Economics respectively. He received his doctoral degree from the University of Essen in 2002.

His research focuses on software design and architecture, empirical software engineering, distributed systems engineering (microservices, service-based, cloud, APIs, IoT, and blockchain-based systems), DevOps and continuous delivery, software patterns, software modelling, and model-driven development.

Uwe has published more than 275 articles in peer-reviewed journals, conferences, book chapters, and workshops, and is co-author of the books «Remoting Patterns – Foundations of Enterprise, Internet, and Realtime Distributed Object Middleware», «Process-Driven SOA – Proven Patterns for Business-IT Alignment», and «Software-Architektur.» He has participated in 34 R&D projects. Uwe is editor in chief of the journal Transactions on Pattern Languages of Programming (TPLoP) published by Springer, Editor of the Journal of Systems and Software (JSS) published by Elsevier, Editor of the Computing journal published by Springer, and Associate Editor-in-Chief for design and architecture for the IEEE Software magazine.