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PROLE 2015 – Proceedings – Sessions and Papers

PROLE keynote

  • Roberto Giacobazzi “Obscuring code – Unveiling and Veiling Information in Programs” (Invited talk)

Session 1: Analysis and Transformation

  • Salvador Tamarit, Guillermo Vigueras, Manuel Carro, Julio Mariño “A Haskell Implementation of a Rule-Based Program Transformation for C Programs” (Abstract)
  • Irina Mariuca Asavoae, Mihail Asavoae, Adrian Riesco “Towards a Formal Semantics-Based Technique for Interprocedural Slicing(Abstract)
  • Salvador Lucas, “Automatic Generation of Logical Models for Order-Sorted First-Order Theories in Program Analysis” (Original work)

Session 2: Testing

  • Ana Rosario Espada Sandi, Maria del Mar Gallardo, Alberto Salmerón, Pedro Merino “Using Model Checking to Generate Test Cases for Android Applications” (Abstract)
  • Julián Alarte Aleixandre, David Insa, Josep Silva, Salvador Tamarit “A Collection of Website Benchmarks Labelled for Template Detection and Content Extraction(Work in progress)
  • Jesús M. Almendros-Jiménez, Antonio Becerra-Terón “Property based Testing of XQuery Programs” (Work in progress)

Session 3: Semantics

  •  David Romero Hernández, David Frutos Escrig, Dario Della Monica “Proving Continuity of Coinductive Global Bisimulation Distances: A Never End Story” (Original work)
  • Edelmira Pasarella, Jorge Lobo “Reasoning about policy behavior in logic-based trust management systems: Some complexity results and an operational framework”  (Abstract)
  • Maria Del Mar Gallardo, Laura Panizo, Laura Titolo “A discretized operational semantics for the implementation of hy-tccp” (Work in progress)
  • Pascual Julian-Iranzo, Gines Moreno, Jaime Penabad, Carlos Vázquez “A Declarative Semantics for a Fuzzy Logic Language Managing Similarities and Truth Degrees” (Work in progress)

Session 4: Debugging and Termination

  • Salvador Lucas “Productivity of rewrite systems without transformations” (Original work)
  • Caballero, E. Martin-Martin, A. Riesco, S. Tamarit “A Declarative Debugger for Concurrent Erlang Programs” (Work in progress)
  • Jesus M Almendros-Jimenez, Alejandro Luna Tedesqui, Gines Moreno “Thresholded Debugging of XPath Queries” (Abstract)

Session 5: Combining Languages and Techniques

  • Rafael Caballero, Carlo Leva  “Constraint Programming meets SQL” (Original work)
  • Javier Piris, Hermenegildo Fabregat, María José Ramírez “Analysing the Termination of Term Rewriting Systems using Data Mining” (Work in progress)

Session 6: Logic and Learning on Databases

  • Fernando Sáenz-Pérez “Restricted Predicates for Hypothetical Reasoning” (Original work)
  • Susana Nieva, Fernando Saenz-Perez, Jaime Sánchez-Hernández “HR-SQL: An SQL Database System with Extended Recursion and Hypothetical Reasoning” (Work in progress)
  • Montserrat Hermo, Ana Ozaki “Learning a Subclass of Multivalued Dependencies Formulas from Entailments” (Work in progress)

Session 7: Specification and Type Systems

  • Francisco Javier López-Fraguas, Enrique Martin-Martin, Juan Rodríguez-Hortalá “A liberal type system for functional logic programs” (Abstract)
  • Marisa Navarro, Fernando Orejas, Elvira Pino “Satisfiability of Constraint Specifications on XML Documents” (Abstract)
  • María Alpuente, Daniel Pardo, Alicia Villanueva “Inferring Specifications in the K framework” (Work in progress)

Session 8: Verification

  • K. Rustan M. Leino, Paqui Lucio “An Assertional Proof of the Stability and Correctness of Natural Mergesort (Extended Abstract)” (Abstract)
  • Marco Comini, Laura Titolo, Alicia Villanueva “Abstract Diagnosis for tccp using a Linear Temporal Logic” (Abstract)
  • Manuel Montenegro, Ricardo Peña, Jaime Sánchez-Hernández “A Generic Intermediate Representation for Verification Condition Generation, Work in Progress” (Work in progress)