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Artículos en la categoría Confluence publicados en las Actas de las XXII Jornadas sobre Programación y Lenguajes (PROLE 2023).
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  • Resumen
    Proving and disproving confluence of context-sensitive rewriting
    Lucas, Salvador; Vítores, Miguel; Gutiérrez, Raúl. Actas de las XXII Jornadas sobre Programación y Lenguajes (PROLE 2023), 2023-09-12.
    Context-sensitive rewriting is a restriction of term rewriting where reductions are allowed on specific arguments of function symbols only, and then in particular positions of terms. Confluence is an abstract property of reduction relations guaranteeing that two diverging reduction sequences can always be joined into a common reduct. In this paper we investigate confluence of context-sensitive rewriting and present some novel results. In particular, a characterization of local confluence of context-sensitive rewriting as the joinability of an extended class of critical pairs which we introduce here. We also show that the treatment of joinability of critical pairs using theorem proving and solving feasibility problems is useful to automatically prove and disprove confluence of context-sensitive rewriting. Our techniques have been implemented in a new tool, CONFident. We show by means of benchmarks the impact of the new techniques discussed in the paper.
  • Artículo
    Confluence of Conditional Rewriting Modulo
    Lucas, Salvador. Actas de las XXII Jornadas sobre Programación y Lenguajes (PROLE 2023), 2023-09-12.
    We investigate confluence of rewriting with *equational generalized rewrite systems* R, consisting of *Horn clauses*, some of them defining *conditional equations s=t <= c and *one-step reductions* l -> r <= c. In both cases, *c* is a sequence of *atoms*, possibly defined by using additional Horn clauses. Such systems include *equational term rewriting systems* and (join, oriented, and semiequational) *conditional term rewriting systems*. Equations E define the equivalence =E and quotient set T/=E of terms, where reductions s ->R/E t using rules in R occur. For such systems, we obtain a *finite* set of conditional pairs $\pi$, which can be viewed as logical sentences, to prove and disprove confluence of ->R/E by (dis)proving joinability of such conditional pairs $\pi$.