Automated Code Generation for Inter-parameter Dependencies in REST APIs





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Actas de las XVII Jornadas de Ciencia e Ingeniería de Servicios (JCIS 2022)

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The generation of code templates from REST API specifications is a common practice in industry. However, existing tools neglects the dependencies among input parameters (so called inter-parameter dependencies), extremelly common in practice and usually described in natural language. As a result, developers are responsible for implementing the corresponding validation logic manually, a tedious and error-prone process. In this paper, we present an approach for the automated generation of code for inter-parameter dependencies specified using the IDL4OAS extension. As a proof of concept, we present an extension of the popular openapi-generator tool ecosystem, automating the generation of Java and Python code for the management of inter-parameter dependencies in both, servers and clients. Preliminary results show the effectiveness of the approach in accelerating the development of APIs while making them potentially more reliable.


Acerca de Barakat, Saman

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Code Generation, OpenAPI Generator, Scaffolding, Web APIs
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