A Methodology to Retire a Software Product Line





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Actas de las XXVII Jornadas de Ingeniería del Software y Bases de Datos (JISBD 2023)




The development of a family of software systems with customization based on a common platform is made possible through software product-line engineering. By employing this approach, an organization can configure a system to adapt to changing customer requirements and also reap long-term benefits such as reduced development and maintenance costs. Typically used for a long-living family of systems that are continuously evolved, a product line may eventually be retired and replaced by a successor due to outdated technology that cannot be easily replaced, making it more feasible to develop a new product line. Previous work has mentioned retiring product lines, but without much detail. This paper aims to fill this gap by presenting a process for retiring and replacing a product line, with the aim of helping practitioners retire product lines more systematically and with fewer issues. Additionally, the paper highlights open research directions that need to be addressed in the future.


Acerca de Cortiñas, Alejandro

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Software Product Line Engineering, Domain Analysis, Requirements Analysis, Product Line Modernization
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