A Formal Semantics for Agent Distribution and Fault Tolerance in Jason





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Actas de las XX Jornadas de Programación y Lenguajes (PROLE 2021)



This paper provides a formal specification of the distribution and fault-tolerance mechanisms of eJason. The eJason programming language is an extension to the agent-oriented programming language Jason that introduces native support for the transparent distribution of agents as well as fault-tolerance mechanisms. This formal semantics is presented from a multiagent system perspective. It unambiguously describes both the possible evolution of the distributed multi- agent system over time and the different instruments for fault detection and fault recovery, hence exposing their strengths. This specification may serve as a reference for researchers interested in the inclusion of similar mechanisms in agent-oriented programming languages.


Acerca de Fernández Díaz, Álvaro

Palabras clave

Erlang, Formal Semantics, Multiagent Systems
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