Quid: A web-based DSL for defining User Interfaces applied to Web Components





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Actas de las XXIII Jornadas de Ingeniería del Software y Bases de Datos (JISBD 2018)

Licencia Creative Commons


User Interface construction is a recurrent topic in Software Engineering: multiples tools ranging from textual, graphical design tools exists to help in this task. On the other hand, the fast pace of front-end industrial frameworks makes such editors tools obsolete as soon as new technology emerges. The work presented here, introduces <>, a web based DSL with focus on minimal accidental complexity, removing accessory markup and a WUYIWYG environment to provide real-time feedback to users. Moreover, the UI specification built in this way is catalog neutral: in the way its primitives can be extended, and target platform agnostic: using model transformations and code generation for generating software artifacts like Native Web Components or Angular Elements code.


Acerca de Molina, Pedro J.

Palabras clave

Code Generation, DSL, MDE, User Interface Design, Web Components, Web DSL, WYSIWYGW
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