Cuesta, Carlos E.

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Carlos E.


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Cuesta, Carlos

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Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain
Rey Juan Carlos University, Spain
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  • Artículo
    ANGELA DT: A Human Digital Twin for Women’s Safe Mobility in Urban Environments
    Cáceres, Paloma; Castro, Elena; Cavero, José María; Cuadra, Dolores; Cuesta, Carlos E.; Sierra-Alonso, Almudena; Vela, Belén. Actas de las XXVIII Jornadas de Ingeniería del Software y Bases de Datos (JISBD 2024), 2024-06-17.
    The complexity of the problem of women's safety in urban environments requires some kind of technological support. With this purpose, this short paper presents the proposal of a system which includes a specific kind of Human Digital Twin, named ANGELA DT, conceived to serve as a “digital companion” of women for a safe mobility. This DT is located in the user’s smartphone, and it is able to locally capture information about her, accessing every relevant sensor in multiple devices, and defining a profile for her movements and situation. This information is synchronized with a larger data architecture, specifically with a data lake which gathers information from many sources, including data about locations in the city and the urban furniture. These make possible to make predictions about the safety of e.g. a certain route, which can be provided to the female user through public APIs and mobile apps, including the one which hosts the DT. The system will provide specialized mobility metrics, which will be used to characterize the definition of “safety” in this context, and to improve our predictions.