Fresno-Aranda, Rafael

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Fresno, Rafael
Fresno Aranda, Rafael

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SCORE Lab, I3US Institute, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
University of Seville, Spain
SCORE Lab, I3US Institute, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
SCORE Lab, I3US Institute, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain

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  • Artículo
    Towards a Telemetry Specification for Capacity Analysis in Limitation-Aware Microservices Architectures
    Santisteban, Alejandro; Fernández Montes, Pablo; García, José María; Fresno-Aranda, Rafael; Ruiz Cortés, Antonio. Actas de las XVIII Jornadas de Ingeniería de Ciencia e Ingeniería de Servicios (JCIS 2023), 2023-09-12.
    Microservices architectures (MSAs) have gained widespread adoption in recent years, resulting in complex systems that often require to retrieve data from external sources. These external sources tend to establish pricing plans to limit requests made to their APIs, leading to a situation that underscores a critical issue within MSAs: the need for awareness of the limitations of external APIs. Architectures that incorporate such awareness are referred to as Limitation-Aware Microservices Architectures (LAMAs), and the process of analyzing their limitations is known as capacity analysis. Telemetry, which automates the collection and analysis of data from remote sources, can provide valuable insights into the behavior of microservices. However, its use for capacity analysis of REST services remains a challenge. In this paper, we review the literature on the topic to evaluate the current state of the art. We then establish a set of requirements that can be used to design an effective specification for telemetry in order to support the capacity analysis in LAMAs, paving the way towards a more complete automation of the capacity analysis process.
  • Artículo
    Easy security management over microservices architectures based on OpenAPI Specification
    Fresno-Aranda, Rafael. Actas de las XV Jornadas de Ingeniería de Ciencia e Ingeniería de Servicios (JCIS 2019), 2019-09-02.
    Nowadays, many developers around the world use RESTful APIs along microservices architectures. These APIs are increasingly being described using the OpenAPI Specification standard. Moreover, they usually require some level of security. However, maintaining security settings across the entire architecture can be a time-consuming task. For example, adding a new role to the application may lead to modifying the settings for each API. This approach presents various drawbacks, such as low scalability. We have found this problem while working on an institutional web page. This is why we are developing an extension for OpenAPI which allows for easier security management on microservices applications. Furthermore, the in-progress Node.js module will perform automatic validation of JSON Web Tokens. JWTs are a simple and standard way to implement access control. Using them along with the aforementioned extension will greatly reduce development time. By providing some configuration parameters, a single API or a whole infrastructure will be more secure. This will also cause bigger applications to be more scalable and easy to maintain.
  • Artículo
    A Catalogue of Analysis Operations for API Pricing Plans
    Fresno-Aranda, Rafael; Fernández Montes, Pablo; Ruiz Cortés, Antonio. Actas de las XVIII Jornadas de Ingeniería de Ciencia e Ingeniería de Servicios (JCIS 2023), 2023-09-12.
    In recent years, the usage of public APIs offered by third party providers has fostered the development of the API Economy. Companies use APIs as business assets and they bill consumers for their consumption. The pricing of an API usually includes multiple plans with different limitations and features, from which consumers may choose. In this scenario, consumers who wish to use the API may ask some questions about, for example, which plans to get or what they can do with a maximum budget. Answering these questions manually may be tedious and error-prone, so their automation would be useful. Previous research about analysis operations for limitation-aware microservices architectures led us to the need to get a better understanding of operations for an API pricing. In this paper, we propose an initial catalogue of 11 analysis operations for usual pricing specifications. While it is not an exhaustive set, we intend to show the need to have a catalogue of operations to pave the way for further questions and automated tools.
  • Artículo
    Smart LAMA API: Automated Capacity Analysis of Limitation-Aware Microservices Architectures
    Fresno-Aranda, Rafael; Fernández Montes, Pablo; Ruiz Cortés, Antonio. Actas de las XVII Jornadas de Ingeniería de Ciencia e Ingeniería de Servicios (JCIS 2022), 2022-09-05.
    The use of microservices architectures (MSA) to develop web applications has experimented a considerable increase over the last year. In an MSA, developers tend to consume external services provided by third parties. These external services usually include a pricing that comprises different plans that impose capacity limits (aka limitations) for a given price. To name an MSA which consumes external APIs with limitations, we have coined the concept of Limitation-Aware Microservices Architecture (LAMA). In this situation, when developing a LAMA, it is necessary to analyse its capacity to know how many requests it is able to serve according to the subscribed plans. This is a tedious and error-prone activity, so its automation is very valuable. In this paper we present Smart LAMA API, which is a public API that allows developers to analyse the capacity of any LAMA through three different endpoints, optimising the capacity, the cost or the time. From these endpoints, an unbounded number of other operations can be modelled.
  • Artículo
    Towards the automation of design time capacity analysis over microservices architectures
    Fresno-Aranda, Rafael; Fernández Montes, Pablo; Ruiz Cortés, Antonio. Actas de las XVI Jornadas de Ingeniería de Ciencia e Ingeniería de Servicios (JCIS 2021), 2021-09-22.
    Microservices architectures are now widely used by a great number of developers. They often consume external services offered by third parties, which usually impose limitations on the number of requests that they can serve. These limitations have an impact on the capacity of the architecture, which is determined by the number of requests that it can handle, among other factors. This paper aims to automate the capacity analysis over microservices architectures at design time, following an analytical approach. We present a generic CSOP model that can be used to analyze the capacity of any architecture. We also evaluate our proposal using a real architecture.