Planning for an Efficient Implementation of Hypothetical Bousi~Prolog





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Actas de las XXI Jornadas de Programación y Lenguajes (PROLE 2022)

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This paper explores the integration of hypothetical reasoning into an efficient implementation of the fuzzy logic language Bousi+AH4-Prolog. To this end, we first analyse what would be expected from a logic inference system, equipped with what is called embedded implication, to model solving goals with respect to assumptions. We start with a propositional system and incrementally build more complex systems and implementations to satisfy the requirements imposed by a system like Bousi+AH4-Prolog. Finally, we propose an inference system, operational semantics, and the translation function to generate efficient Prolog programs from Bousi+AH4-Prolog programs. This paper has been presented at ICLP'21 and published in TPLP 21 (5), pp. 680-697. DOI:


Acerca de Julián-Iranzo, Pascual

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Bousi~Prolog, Fuzzy Logic Programming, Fuzzy Prolog, Hypothetical Reasoning, System Implementation
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