A Framework for Efficiently Mining the Organisational Perspective of Business Processes





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Actas de las XIII Jornadas de Ciencia e Ingeniería de Servicios (JCIS 2017)

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Actual process executions may constitute a valuable input for improving process design. Process mining provides methods for automatic process analysis, among others for discovering processes by extracting knowledge from event logs in the form of a process model. Various algorithms are available to discover models capturing the control flow of a process, related to the behavioural perspective of the process.For perspectives like the organisational perspective, which manages the involvement of human resources in processes, only partial solutions for mining had been developed despite the importance of resource information not only for performance but also for compliance analysis. Prior work on mining resource information focused on discovering specific aspects of the organisational perspective such as role models, separation of duty or social networks. However, comprehensive and integrated support for the wellestablished workflow resource patterns, and specifically in this context for the socalled creation patterns, was missing. Furthermore, the close interplay between the organisational and the behavioural perspectives (cross-perspective patterns) was disregarded. The research reported in this paper presented an efficient and effective framework for mining the organisational perspective of business processes that is divided into an event log pre-processing phase, a phase for integrated resource mining including cross-perspective patterns, and a model post-processing phase. We evaluated our approach with an implementation of the three phases, with simulation experiments for measuring performance, and with the application of the approach on a real-life event log for checking its effectiveness.


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