IoT–TEG: Test event generator system





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Actas de las XXIII Jornadas de Ingeniería del Software y Bases de Datos (JISBD 2018)


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Internet of Things (IoT) has been paid increasingly attention by the government, academe and industry all over the world. One of the main drawbacks of the IoT systems is the amount of information they have to handle. This information arrives as events that need to be processed in real time in order to make correct decisions. Given that processing the data is crucial, testing the IoT systems that will manage that information is required. In order to test IoT systems, it is necessary to generate a huge number of events with specific structures and values to test the functionalities required by these systems. As this task is very hard and very prone to error if done by hand, this paper addresses the automated generation of appropriate events for testing. For this purpose, a general specification to define event types and its representation are proposed and an event generator is developed based on this definition. Thanks to the adaptability of the proposed specification, the event generator can generate events of an event type, or events which combine the relevant attributes of several event types. Results from experiments and real-world tests show that the developed system meets the demanded requirements. Journal of Systems and Software, JSS Special Issue on Software Reliability Engineering Impact factor: 2,444 (Q1) Available online 20 June 2017 DOI:


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Complex Event Processing, Event Generator, Event Type Definition, Internet Of Things, Testing
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