Generating Structurally Realistic Models With Deep Autoregressive Networks





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Actas de las XXVII Jornadas de Ingeniería del Software y Bases de Datos (JISBD 2023)

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Model generators are important tools in model-based systems engineering to automate the creation of software models for tasks like testing and benchmarking. Previous works have established four properties that a generator should satisfy: consistency, diversity, scalability, and structural realism. Although several generators have been proposed, none of them is focused on realism. As a result, automatically generated models are typically simple and appear synthetic. This work proposes a new architecture for model generators which is specifically designed to be structurally realistic. Given a dataset consisting of several models deemed as real models, this type of generators is able to produce new models which are structurally similar to the models in the dataset, but are fundamentally novel models. Our implementation, named ModelMime (M2), is based on a deep autoregressive model which combines a Graph Neural Network with a Recurrent Neural Network. We decompose each model into a sequence of edit operations, and the neural network is trained in the task of predicting the next edit operation given a partial model. At inference time, the system produces new models by sampling edit operations and iteratively completing the model. We have evaluated M2 with respect to three state-of-the-art generators, showing that 1) our generator outperforms the others in terms of the structurally realistic property 2) the models generated by M2 are most of the time consistent, 3) the diversity of the generated models is at least the same as the real ones and, 4) the generation process is scalable once the generator is trained.


Acerca de Hernández López, José Antonio

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Model Generators, Generative Models, Model-Driven Engineering
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