CARMEN: A framework for the verification and diagnosis of the specification of security requirements in Cyber-physical systems





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Actas de las XVII Jornadas de Ingeniería de Ciencia e Ingeniería de Servicios (JCIS 2022)




Nowadays, Cyber-physical systems (CPS) are drawn the attention within the industry, society and government, due to the enormous impact they have on the economy and the environment, and providing citizens and businesses with a wide range of innovative applications and services. However this popularity has been accompanied by serious security challenges. A CPS is a complex system that includes hardware and software components, with different suppliers and connection protocols, forcing complex data management and storage. Furthermore, security requirements associated with a CPS implies a very high number of characteristics and potential configurations that makes the assessment and diagnosis of security requirements very difficult. For this reason, the construction, verification and diagnosis of security CPS become a major challenge, which involves a correct specification of security requirements, the verification of the correct system configurations, and if necessary, the diagnosis to detect the features to be modified to obtain a security configuration. To fulfil the gap, we present the CAR- MEN framework to guide users in the definition of correct security requirements for CPS and to enable the diagnosis of these requirements. The framework is based on the specification of the security requirements and their analysis supported by Model-Driven Engineering and Software Product Line Engineering (SPLE) approaches. The proposal has been evaluated by means of a case study of hydroponic cultivation associated with Agriculture 4.0.


Acerca de Varela Vaca, Ángel Jesús

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Configuration Models, Cyber-physical System, Cybersecurity, Diagnosis, Security, Security Requirements, Security Verification
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