GoRace: A Multi-Context and Narrative-Based Gamification Suite to Overcome Gamification Technological Challenges





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Actas de las XXVI Jornadas de Ingeniería del Software y Bases de Datos (JISBD 2022)

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Gamification is a potential approach to foster motivation and engagement in different contexts which popularity in recent years has encouraged its application in a diversity of domains, including health, education, business, society, or tourism. However, although all their promising benefits and rapidly developing, the gamification community should face a variety of theoretical, empirical, and technological challenges. Focusing on technological challenges, we can observe a need that claims for suitable gamification software tools that offer system-independence and flexibility, support the gamification design, implementation, and monitoring activities, and experiment with more game elements than only points, badges, and leaderboards. For that reason, this paper deals with the identified technological challenges by introducing a gamification software tool to cover the main lacks found. An analysis of the advances in gamification domain and their recent literature was conducted to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the most popular gamification software tools in order to design and develop a flexible system-independent gamification software solution that goes beyond the implementation of the classic game elements. As a result, we created GoRace, a multi-context and narrative-based gamification suite that supports the entire gamification process, provides flexible and system-independent gamification solutions, and allows the creation of tailored and reusable gamification solutions that go beyond the classic game elements to immerse participants in a fun, engaging, and challenging narrative-based gamification experience.


Acerca de Trinidad, Manuel

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Flexibility, Game Elements, Gamification, Gamification Process, Gamification Software Tool, Gamification Technological Challenges, Multi-Context, Narrative, System-Independence
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