Evaluating Software Project Managers: A Multidimensional Perspective





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Actas de las XXIII Jornadas de Ingeniería del Software y Bases de Datos (JISBD 2018)


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Lawrence Peters, Ana M. Moreno. Evaluating Software Project Managers: A multidimensional perspective. IEEE Software, Nov-Dec. 2017, Vol 34 (6), pp 104-109. IEEE Software – JCR Impact Factor (2016): 2,547 – Rank Computer Science, Software Engineering 26/106 - Q1 Qualified and motivated software project managers are key contributors in software organizations. According to literature and supported by authors experience one of the most effective motivators for software practitioners is the recognition of their work. Feedback and recognition of the work done implies the evaluation of professionals and their work. Evaluating software project managers should go beyond a hasty analysis determining if their projects finished on time, under budget and met requirements. Software project managers develop their practice in an organizational context and their work directly impacts different groups within the organization. Each group has its own value system regarding what the software project should accomplish and what an effective software project manager is. This paper discuss a holistic approach for evaluating software project managers having in mind the value system of those groups.


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Evaluating Software Project Managers, Motivating Software Engineers, Software Project Management
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