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Creating datasets for data analysis through a cloud microservice-based architecture

Data analysis is a trending technique due to the tendency of analyzing patterns or generating knowledge in different domains. However, it is difficult to know at design time what raw data should be collected, how it is going to be analyzed or which analysis techniques will be applied to data. Service-oriented architectures can be applied to solve these problems by providing flexible and reliable architectures. In this paper, we present a microservice-based software architecture in the cloud with the aim of generating datasets to carry out data analysis. This architecture facilitates acquiring data, which may be located in a data center, distributed, or even on different devices (ubiquitous computing) due to the rise of the IoT. It provides an infrastructure over which multiple developer’ groups can work in parallel on the microservices. These microservices also provide a reliable and affordable adaptability to the lack of specific requirements in some functionalities and the fast evolution and variability of them, due to the fast changing of client needs.

Embedding Widgets-as-a-Service into Dynamic GUI

The service-oriented computing offers an ideal development framework for carrying out business processes related to the dynamic management of component-based web user interfaces. This article proposes an architecture for specification, storage, management and visualization of web user interfaces built from widgets that follow the recommendation of the W3C. It describes a Widgets-as-a-Service (WaaS) approach for interface deployment and a three-level data model for the definition of components that take part in the architecture. In addition, it shows some particularities of the used technology and the implementation developed. To illustrate this proposal, an example of WaaS-based graphical interface developed for the Environmental Information Network of Andalusia (REDIAM) is shown.