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Planning for an Efficient Implementation of Hypothetical Bousi~Prolog

This paper explores the integration of hypothetical reasoning into an efficient implementation of the fuzzy logic language Bousi~Prolog. To this end, we first analyse what would be expected from a logic inference system, equipped with what is called embedded implication, to model solving goals with respect to assumptions. We start with a propositional system and incrementally build more complex systems and implementations to satisfy the requirements imposed by a system like Bousi~Prolog. Finally, we propose an inference system, operational semantics, and the translation function to generate efficient Prolog programs from Bousi~Prolog programs. This paper has been presented at ICLP’21 and published in TPLP 21 (5), pp. 680-697. DOI:

Autores: Pascual Julián-Iranzo / Fernando Saenz-Perez / 
Palabras Clave: Bousi~Prolog - Fuzzy Logic Programming - Fuzzy Prolog - Hypothetical Reasoning - System Implementation

FuzzyDES: Fuzzifying DES (Trabajo en progreso)

This paper describes a system implementation of a fuzzy deductive database. Concepts supporting the fuzzy logic programming system BPL are translated into the deductive database system DES. We develop a version of fuzzy Datalog as its query language, where programs and queries are compiled to the DES core Datalog language. Weak unification and weak SLD resolution are adapted to this setting, and extended to allow rules with truth degree annotations. We provide a public implementation in Prolog which is open-source, multiplatform, portable, and in-memory. A database example for a recommender system is used to illustrate some of the features of the system.

Autores: Pascual Julián-Iranzo / Fernando Sáenz-Pérez / 
Palabras Clave: Bousi~Prolog - Datalog Educational System - Fuzzy Datalog - Fuzzy Logic Programming - FuzzyDES

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