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An experience migrating a Cairngorm based Rich Internet Application from Flex to HTML5

This paper shows a new approach to migrate a Flex based Rich Internet Application (RIA) that is using the Cairngorm architectural framework to HTML5. The migration has been done rewriting the Cairngorm code, from ActionScript to Javascript and using the result as super classes that have to be implemented by concrete Javascript classes. The similarities between the original ActionScript and Flex code and the resulting Javascript code help the developers in the migration process. To overcome the problems that arise due to the fact that some multimedia features are not yet implemented in any browser -despite the HTML5 specification states that they will be in the future -, we have suggested the use of minimal Flash widgets that communicate with their HTML Wrapper page by means of the ExternalInterface API. Doing so, it will be easy to replace these widgets with HTML5 objects whenever they are implemented by major browsers.

Autores: Juan A. Pereira / Silvia Sanz / Inko Perurena / Julián Gutiérrez / Imanol Luengo / 
Palabras Clave: Cairngorm framework - Flash - Flex - HTML5 - migration - RIA

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