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A Service Level Agreement Driven Framework to Customise Cloud Service Billing

Cloud service providers offer to their customers a variety of pricing policies, which range from the simple, yet widely used pay-as-you-go schema to complex discounted models. When executing the billing process, stakeholders have to consider usage metrics and service level objectives in order to obtain the correct billing and conform to the service level agreement in place. The more metrics, discount and compensations rules are added to the pricing schema, the more complex the billing generation results. In this paper we present a monitoring-based solution that enables the dynamically definition of both service level objectives and discount rules, so that providers can customise the billing generation process in terms of the service level agreement they offer. We validate our proposal in a real-world scenario, introducing a micro-service based software solution deployed in a Kubernetes cluster.

An Infrastructure Modelling Tool for Cloud Provisioning

Autores: Julio Sandobalin, Emilio Insfran, Silvia Abrahao(Universitat Politècnica de València y Escuela Politécnica NacionalQuito, Ecuador)Conferencia: The 14th IEEE International Conference on Services ComputingJun 25, 2017 – Jun 30, 2017 Honolulu, Hawaii, USAPáginas: 8Editorial: IEEEElectronic ISSN: 2474-2473DOI: 10.1109/SCC.2017.52Indicios de calidad de acuerdo al GII-GRIN-SCIE (GGS) Conference Rating: GGS Class 2; GGS Rating A; Qualified Classes CORE:A, LiveSHINE:A; Collected Classes A, A.

Automatic Generation of Purchasing Plans for Cloud Services

The myriad of cloud service providers, as well as their overwhelming variety of configuration and purchasing options, result in a highly complex purchasing scenario. Furthermore, users may specify their needs for cloud services provisioning with a certain scheduling restrictions. There is a need for an automatic support for obtaining an appropriate purchasing plan, which takes into account both service configurations and scheduling needs, while allowing the comparison among different providers and their various offerings. In this work, we present an automatic purchasing plan generator, which analyzes cloud service offerings from several providers to obtain an optimized purchasing plan according to user needs. From the obtained purchasing plan, our solution can provide the corresponding charge plan, possibly including discounts, which serves the purpose of comparing offerings to get the best option.

Towards a Comprehensive Purchasing Model for Cloud Services

The Cloud Service Market has evolved into a complex landscape that challenges the decision making of users as they develop their purchasing process. In particular, we explore the case of cloud infrastructure (IaaS) providers as an example of heterogeneous variety of purchasing options and discounts; this variability represents an important drawback during the decision making process where there is a need to compare and select the best option. In this work, we define a common model to describe purchasing models from different providers taking into account such heterogeneity. This purchasing model represents a first step towards the automated support of decision making problems during the purchasing process. In order to illustrate our approach we apply the model in a real case study of IaaS purchasing.