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Leveraging EDA and CEP for Integrating Low-level Network Analysis Methods into

Computer networks are crucial for the operation of Information Technology (IT) infrastructures. For assuring and maintaining the functionality of networks and with this of IT systems in general, accurate and up-to-date information about networks and the incidents in them is of vital importance. To allow a proper, accurate, and timely assessment this information must be efficiently communicated to the relevant analysis applications that rely on it. In this paper we propose an approach on obtaining and efficiently communicating information gathered with means of low-level network analysis methods from spatially distributed and heterogeneous data sources. Thereby, we leverage existing technologies from the fields of network analysis, Event-driven Architecture (EDA), and Complex Event Processing (CEP) and combine these into a novel distributed network analysis system approach that can be integrated into todays, modern, distributed IT architectures.

Autores: Rüdiger Gad / Juan Boubeta-Puig / Martin Kappes / Inmaculada Medina-Bulo / 
Palabras Clave: CEP - EDA - network analysis - network surveillance

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