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EXEMPLAR: An Experimental Information Repository for Software Engineering Research

The number and variety of experiments carried in software engineering research is growing, leading to a increasing need of replication and review. In order to support such needs the information about experiments should be provided as lab-packs comprising of: a description of the experiment, the materials used and data generated during the conduction, and the results of the analyzes performed on such data. However, this information is often scattered, poorly structured, and even unavailable, implying a tedious process of search and gathering. EXEMPLAR is an online platform for managing experimental information, that allows the uploading and publication of experimental lab packs, and an efficient search. The platform also supports the use of formal languages for providing experimental descriptions (e.g. SEDL). In so doing, EXEMPLAR enables the automated analysis of lab-packs, in order to detect common validity threats and missing information which could hinder replicability.