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A Model-driven Migration Approach among Cloud Providers

Cloud computing has become the primary model of pay-per-use to ob- tain cloud services in a short time. Companies are using the cloud services to get access to computing resources located in a virtualized environment. However, the traditional method of using a single cloud provider has numerous limitation in terms of privacy, security, performance, and geography reach. Furthermore, companies are focusing their efforts on avoiding dependent on a single vendor for products and services. As a result, companies start to use multiple clouds and look for methods to move or migrate their infrastructure from a cloud provider to another one. In previous work, we have presented ARGON, which is an infra- structure modeling tool for cloud provisioning. In this paper, we propose an ex- tension of ARGON to provide a model-driven migration approach among cloud providers.

Autores: Julio Sandobalín / Emilio Insfran / Silvia Abrahao / 
Palabras Clave: Cloud Computing - Infrastructure as a Service - Infrastructure as Code - Infrastructure Migration - Model-Driven Engineering

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