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An Event-driven Interval Temporal Logic for Hybrid Systems (Trabajo en progreso)

Nowadays, hybrid systems are present in many crucial tasks of our daily life. The hybrid character derives from the merge of continuous and discrete dynamics that are intrinsically related. The verification of critical properties of hybrid systems is of special importance, but sometimes it is not feasible due to their inherent complexity. In the last few years, several model-based testing and runtime verification techniques have been proposed to support the verification and validation of hybrid systems. In this paper, we present an interval logic that is suitable for specifying properties of event-driven hybrid systems. We introduce the syntax and semantics of the logic, and propose an automatic mechanism to transform each logic formula into a network of timed automata that can act as observers of the property in each test case using the UPPAAL tool.

Autores: Maria del Mar Gallardo / Laura Panizo / 
Palabras Clave: interval temporal logic - Timed automata - uppaal

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